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Have you ever heard of Jaboticaba fruit? Its a tropical fruit native to South America and especially popular in Brazil. The fruit looks like a muscadine grape but the inside is creamier and looks milky white. It has a of grape/yogurt/lychee type of flavor which I love. The trees are slow growing at first and need to be a certain size before it can fruit. I bought this plant as a tiny 3 gallon size tree and planted it here about 3 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find flowers for the first time! Jaboticaba perfectly represents one of the reasons I grow my own food - to be able to eat rare or unique fruits and veggies that you cant find at the grocery store.

If you have any Jaboticaba growing tips for me, please comment below. There is not a lot of growing information on this hard to find fruit.

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